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7 Ways to Extend E-Bike Battery's Service Life

Different color of Mootoro electric bike showcasing

What's the genuine magic behind electric bikes? The battery.

Batteries power practically every part of your e-bike, fueling your most epic journeys as well as riding memories. It's not a surprise they are just one of the most vital parts of an electrical bike.

And also why it's SO vital to maintaining your battery in good shape. Whether you're thinking about buying an e-bike or are already a seasoned e-biker, check out these battery health tips to ride your bike for years to come.

Charge It Correctly

The safest method to charge is by initial linking the charger to the battery and THEN plugging it into the wall surface. This helps you obtain a proper connection before electrical power starts flowing and prevents arcing. All Mootoro batteries can be charged on or off the bike; it's absolutely your choice.

The Right Environment

Charge the battery in a completely dry, clean, and warm location. Never do it in a wet or messy setting. Cluttered garages are the cause of many home accidents, so if it's an issue for you, it is probably time for some seasonal cleansing or charge the battery in a much less cluttered environment.

Top It Off

It is best to charge your bike right before you ride it. Never charge right after riding! Better to wait at least half an hour before charging to let the battery cool down. Keep in mind that always inspect the voltage on your screen before you set it off.


Do not Forget to Unplug

Put on a timer to ensure you don't forget to disconnect the battery. You can use your mobile phone to set a timer or perhaps grab an outlet timer at a store. When the battery charger goes from red to green your battery is completely charged and it is time to unplug it. Disconnect the charger from the wall and afterward unplug the charger from the battery.

Storing in Winter

If you're not riding during the winter season, it's important to keep your battery inside and in the proper charge condition. Keep your battery at 50% capacity when storing. The battery can be self-discharging in time so if you're not riding for 2 months or more be sure to check the battery capacity every now and then maintain it to 50% when required.

Safe Transport

Electric bikes are probably the best travel partner. Instead of hauling a Tesla at the back of your RV, many people start to consider an electric bike as a good alternative. However, remember to remove your battery from the bike whenever moving on a rack or truck bed. Water can damage your bike’s electric circuit or components, so make sure you use a waterproof cover while transporting if it is rainy season.

The Perfect Battery Capacity

Preferably you intend to maintain your battery between 80% as well as 20%. It is probably the best condition that provides you with optimal performance. Mootoro uses premium 18650 lithium battery cells to produce a reliable power pack that can go up to 1,000 charge cycles.

Love your new e-bike? See to it you show your love by caring for your battery. In exchange, your battery will like you back with a longer life as well as even more ranges! Use these practical tips to prevent range loss.




Mootoro most popular model: is the R1S.


20-inch Fat-tires,

500w Brushless Motor,


suitable for City touring, daily commute.

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