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It's Here: Get Ready For the Summer!

It's Here: Get Ready For the Summer!

Summer season is right here! While you are enjoying the Spring cool breeze  with flower scent and singing birds, remember to make your time for summer time planning. There is no other time better than now to start!

Given the impact that the past two years of pandemic life has posted on us, many parts of our daily life has changed in different ways. But no surprise, our favorite to welcome this hot weather and fantastic season is, obviously, by e-biking outdoors with pals, family members, or even on solo journeys. This year, you will have more options on summertime activities that you can choose from.

 A man in white shirt riding mootoro C1 on unpaved road.

Tune up Your E-bike

If you haven't engaged with the growing trend of e-bicyclists and enthusiasts communities, you still have time to get an e-bike and tune it to the best shape. With e-bikes in stock, start your e-bike research and find your perfect bike. 

No matter how well the configuration can be, the best e-bike is always the one that fits you the most and you love to ride. That's why we provide long-range e-bike battery innovation, industry-leading speed and power, in addition to streamlined brand-new layouts to accommodate any rider. You will not wish to get off your e-bike when you start.

Already got an e-bike? Awesome! Now is the perfect time to take it out and run some routine check-up.

Inspect the tire pressure, use light lubricating substance to the chain and gears, clean the structure with warm water and mild soap, and also check the brakes for unusual deterioration,like wear or rust.

Check the battery and get it fully charged.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast so that you can plan for the sunny journey.

If you don't have an e-bike yet? That's totally okay!

There are plenty of other tasks you can do on a conventional bike or even without bike at all! Here is our listing of summer fun options below for you to choose from.


Try Something New

Even if you decide you don't like it, trying something new helps you stay really feeling passionate and young. Novel experiences are more appreciated than the same old thing you do every day. So, get out there and just give these new summer activities a try. It might blow your mind.


Join a pickup volleyball game

A young girl picking up an volleyball from the bag with two girls playing volleyball in the background

A volleyball net and ball are cheap to buy at a outdoor products store and it is a game that only needs 4 people to play a full game of sand volleyball. Look for sand courts at beaches or parks nearby. Don't forget plenty of drinking water and sunscreen.

Miniature golf with the kids or on a date

Sunny day is a great time to enjoy miniature golf and sunshine, have some pleasant competitions, and also develop your motor abilities. Having a ice cream is a good way to wrap up this vigorous day for a wonderful memory.

Local recreation events

Art fairs or a local theme park can be a wonderful means for happy family time and enjoy the alive crowd atmosphere. Walking from stall to stall and appreciating the crafts or food and games can be a good way to create family time.

Berry picking in an orchard

A girl holding two blue containers, one filled with berries and the other filled with plums.

Blueberries and strawberries will be in the right season from June to September. It must be tasting good if you pick them by yourself. You can have a taste on summer by enjoying the flavor of fresh juicy berries instead of berry wine.

Picnic in the park

The well-trimmed lawn is waiting for you. Don't miss the summer breeze but the bugs. So remember to bring waterproof blanket and bug spray. At this time, an e-bike is showing its versatility. The rack at the back of the e-bike is able to secure your lunch and drinks. After having a nice meal, you can pop on the bike and cruise the park with your family to better enjoy the day. No fear for sweating under the sun, the pedal-assist or full-throttle mode will definitely save your energy.

Neighboring camping site

A lady sitting beside a camp fire with tent on the right.

A two day camping is no stress for you preparing tons of supplies. Several cities and communities have camping sites on the outskirts where it is quiet and beautiful. Load the vehicle, hook up a bike rack, and spend some real nature time.


A man standing beside Mootoro e-bike C1 on the street with lights on in the backgroud at night.

Plan Your Adventure

All great journeys begin with a strategy. By arranging your trips, even tentatively, you'll make sure that you have the ability to embrace whatever summertime has to supply with your restricted time. Provide your family and friends participants a development welcome as well as look for the most effective tasks in your location beforehand.

We have a list of best trails in the U.S. here for your reference.Take a look at the list and pick one for your journey. 

Summertime plans are the best, specifically when they come to biking. So prep your e-bike, pick one and prepare for it. Planning and anticipating a new trip or event can be almost as much enjoyable as the day of the occasion itself.

In case you want to explore electric bike models, we have the full list of Mootoro e-bike series.


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